2024 Consumer and Tax Guides – Customized!

When you order you will receive both guides customized per your instructions. They will each be in PDF format. They are only being sold as a set.

Download sample Consumer Guide here

Download sample Tax Guide here

  • These Guides were first developed years ago for a distribution system, and have been used by many of the top LTCI agents and distributors in the country.
  • They’re ready to be emailed, used as an online incentive to request info., and/or to live on your website or blog post!
  • Fully updated for 2024, and branded for YOUR insurance company names or logos to be seen!

COMING SOON! Video version.


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Ordering Details:

If this is your first time ordering, please provide us with exactly what you'd like on the front cover and back cover including any photo and/or logo). Our graphic designer Cindy will reach out with any questions, and you will have a chance to proof our work - and make changes - before your order is finalized. Check off the Customization Request button below, and you'll be asked to tell us what you'd like! If you're unsure, we suggest you type in your name (include any credentials), website address, telephone number, email, and Cindy (our graphic designer) will provide you a proof that you can make changes to.

Repeat customers Welcome back! We'll do the same customization as your most recent order, unless you provide other instruction at the Customization Request below!

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