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This small-group, widely-acclaimed
ONLINE RETREAT FOR BUSINESS OWNERS has never been more important for your business!

You’ll reveal strategies for long-term success
(they’re in your brain – we help you find & clarify them)!


2022 is a time for change.

You know – in your heart of hearts – that the most successful business owners & leaders are all about change.  They’re about resilience… and reinvention.

It’s always important.  Every year.  But especially now.


GOOD NEWS and a Guarantee…

Consider the #1 question you have now for your business or professional life (I’m betting it’s a doozy!). Then consider the value of going through a series of exercises – with a very small group – led by Marilee – designed to get you a solid answer.  Every person who has been through this program (for 7 years) has left with either:   1) a clear answer, or   2) a profoundly new way of looking at their question, and what that means now for them, or    3) a roadmap to take to do the groundwork necessary to reveal the answer to their question (we’ll never advise you to proceed prematurely – this alone can save you thousands of dollars and months or years of frustration).

As business owners and entrepreneurs, we are all challenged to live in the space where our talents intersect with what the market is willing to buy.  Continuing to identify that space (I can it the Sweet Spot) is critical for any company.  And that answer is always changing (sometimes abruptly!).

And, like anything else worth doing, this is simple, but it’s usually not easy. That’s where this program can help. A lot.


Eleven years ago I decided to pivot my business from being heavily (did I say heavily…like 90%?) dependent on speaking revenue.  My goal was to build multiple income streams.  Not only this, but ongoing and sustainable (happily!) by me … and a small team of subcontractors.  Not that I had a crystal ball, but I had lived through the pain and disruption of 9/11  – when speaking dried up for 3-6 months.

So, I took what I knew to be an eternal business truth: Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.  And I looked at my talents and interests, the list of people to whom I could naturally sell, rolled up my sleeves, and reinvented the business.

YOUR STORY IS DIFFERENT.  Whether the impetus is 9/11, a pandemic, a change in your life goals, or simply you’re sick of doing all the planning and strategy by yourself – we all need to reinvent, reset, refresh.  Whether you’re changing one thing, or the whole shebang!  This program is for you.  Guaranteed.

Oh, and did we mention – there’s a money-back guarantee?  So, you risk nothing by signing up (more on this later on this page).

If, by the end of the first day, you don’t think the program is right for you, send Marilee an email by 7 p.m. Eastern, asking for a refund and we will refund 100% of your payment. When we do this, you understand you are not able to join Day 2, and you also forfeit the group call as well as the one-on-one individual call with Marilee.

Other than this guarantee, activated via email day one, there are no refunds for any reason.


The NoSweatReset:
Virtual and In-Person

Next Open to Public Event TBD

Private NoSweat Reset for
Individuals and Companies
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Inside the NoSweatReset


You can expect to make major progress on questions such as these:

– What should I be offering now?

– What should my company or new product or brand be called?  Pricing?  Target market?

– What should my speech be titled – or my new book, newsletter, podcast?

Please note that it’s easy to come up with just any quick answers to these questions.  What’s hard is to come up with thoughtful answers that take into account not only your goal & vision (if you’re not sure on that – the 9HReset has helped many people clarify their goal and their vision)…but also what we all have reason to believe that buyers will buy.

That’s one reason this class is limited to 5 participants.



As a longtime business owner, Marilee knows how difficult it can be to sustain – and change – a business! She’s been an ongoing part of helping businesses across the country stay on top of their game.  She’s a longtime trusted advisor to business owners in San Antonio TX (7 yrs.), LA (5 yrs.) and KS (11 yrs).  She has seen the blood sweat and tears of building and sustaining a successful business…when everything seems to take twice as long and cost 4 times as much as you initially thought (like a home renovation – but worse!).

She wants you to succeed – by spending your precious time and energy in the best way possible!  After all, wouldn’t it be a tragedy to build the wrong business?


This isn’t just namsy-pansy pie-in-the-sky-stuff!  Some participants need the 30,000 foot high perspective – and some really need the down-in-the-weeds-get-your-hands-dirty advice.  We’ll bring the conversation – and the solutions – to what your needs are (that’s why we typically don’t use every page of the 20-page handout we’ll email you —   the event is customized for the participants).

Are you ready for take-off?

There’s so much to gain….and so little to loose!  You not only get 2 half-days working with a small group, but 2 additional 30-minute phone calls – one with the original group, and the second ONE ON ONE WITH ME!

I’m truly hoping to be of service to your and your business soon!

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